I have been an installer for Rec Warehouse in FLA for many years. I stand behind my work and the product RW supplies.

These reviews I'm reading are shocking. I know for a fact they have sold over 200,000 AG pools and over 100,000 spas.Just realize, the business with the most complaints is Walmart. Would you not shop there??

Unfortunatly, when you sell more than 300,000 pools and spas combined there are bound to be issues in which you don't see eye to eye.. I think 22 out of 300,000 is pretty successful.

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But they are true they do not stand behind there pools have had a awfull time with this pool two young guys that had never put a pool up and they did not stand behind the service would not recommend recwarehouse


After buying our spa our motor gave out after one month so we called and they sent someone out right away and he came back a week later to install new one. That motor is now acting up so my husband took a look and it was a 2005 rebuilt motor they swapped our new one out for.


6,999 and that is what we got. No wonder they went out of business!


I purchased a pool from Rec Wrhs in Hoover Al 1 year ago. After the winter we reopened the pool only to find the top frames had warped.

According to the girl I spoke with, this had happened to other customers and they thought the extreme heat and cold was the cause. They were supposed to ship me free of charge new top rails. I had to email them pics and they said they would be on the way. That was about 6 months ago.

I called 3 times and was told they didn't know why they weren't sent but it would be fixed and I should receive them directly. NOW they are closed down without any notice to me the consumer and I can't get any answer at the corporate office or any other location.

So now I have a new pool with warped rails and a warranty that is obviously not any good, if they are out of business. Does ANYONE know how I can get in touch with them?


i use to be a installler for rfw they are a step below mr pools. i would rather spend my money with them


I purchased my pool from Rec. Warehouse and I need to move it to my sisters house. Who would I call to dismantle and then set up pool at sister's home????


I understand your comment, however I am not employed by Rec Warehouse. I am a seperate subcontractore that the stores use. YOU may see me as an unreliable source but hopefully people will see the good in this company strongly outweighs the bad.


Your post is interesting but usually carries little weight on a complaint website...especially if you are employed by the company. You are considered an unreliable source due to your connection with that company.

Biased, if you will.

As for WalMart...I haven't shopped with them or Sam's Club since Sam Walton passed and have no intention of ever shopping there. If there is a list of the worst companies to deal with I'm certain WalMart would be at the top.

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